Forward Looking Window Cabins

Forward Looking Window Cabins are divided in two categories:

Category G - "Large Ocean View Staterooms"
Category F - "Superior Ocean View Staterooms" (forward corners)

Category G 
Principal layout is same as regular balcony cabins.
Standard bathroom.
Windows overlook the bow.
Forward walls are slanted and curved - to follow the curved outline of the superstructure.
Cabins have more spacious feel than balcony cabins and of course more than regular window cabins on Deck 3.
These cabins are 214 sq.ft. per (RCI) that is a bit more than regular balcony cabin (198 sq.ft.), but usable space is not as large due to slanted forward walls.

Cabins vary in size a little as you see in the plan below.

Category F - Corner Cabins with windows

Very spacious cabins (about 300 sq. ft. per RCI)

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