Square Cabins with Balconies

Square Cabins with Balconies (8 cabins total) have the same origin as Studio Balcony Cabins.
They utilize the same space that is left after divided engine uptakes.

Square cabins with Balconies (E1):

6254, 6258, 6654, 6658, 7254, 7258, 7654, 7658

Square Cabins with Balconies are as short as Studio cabins but 1.5 times wider.
Two Square Cabins occupy space of three Studio Cabins.

I would love to see more Studio cabins instead of Square cabins.
They are 177 sq. ft. (per RCI). Compare with 198 sq. ft. of standard cabins.
These cabins are slightly smaller in footage than standard ones but have more livable square shape. 
They have no sofa.
Bathrooms are more convenient.
Balconies are 1.5 times wider than standard ones.

Balconies on deck 6 are affected by presence of lifeboats and other equipment but much LESS than other balconies on deck 6 in recessed in areas.
6254, 6258, 6654 are not too bad. 
6658 is closer to lifeboat on starboard.
Why is it different?
Answer: lifeboat location in the aft recessed in area is not symmetrical.
Of course, balconies on deck 7 is a better option.

Square cabins with Balconies on the Quantum of the Seas (Anthem of the Seas):

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